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Here are answers to many questions about Reminder Calls. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send email to CustomerService@MyCalls.net
How do reminder calls work?
Reminder Calls are made by a computer that dials your home, cell, work, or other number. Your reminder message will be delivered once you confirm acceptance of the call. You can select from our many pre-recorded recminders, or you can create your own.
How much does it cost for reminder calls?
Reminder Calls are purchased using My Minutes, with a number of different price ranges. A typical 30-second message will cost about 10 cents, or even less. Because we only bill for actual usage, your reminder dollar goes farther at MyCalls. Our pricing starts at 30 cents per minute with generous discounts for higher-volume My Minutes accounts. Nobody offers better pricing for reminder calls than MyCalls. Visit the My Minutes Pricing page for complete pricing details.
Can I get just one reminder call?
Yes, you can purchase the MyMinutes $2.99 plan and use it for just one reminder, although you are allowed up to 10 minutes of usage.
Does MyCalls offer recurring reminders?
Yes, MyCalls offers the most flexible recurring reminder scheduler on the market. You use Calling Patterns to set up an unlimited number of days and times to repeat your reminder calls. Do you need the same reminder call on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM and Fridays at 3:00 PM? No problem. It's easy to set up with MyCalls.
Can I set up a reminder for someone else?
Absolutely. Every reminder call can be delivered to you and/or any other Contact that you want to receive the reminder. And, you can set up your reminder to be delivered to you at any phone number you choose. If you need to deliver a reminder message to a large number of people, we suggest you use our Group Calls service.
Why does MyCalls claim to be the best deal on the Internet?
MyCalls was launched with the mission of providing reliable wake up and reminder calls at the best possible price. Compared to every other company that offers similar services, MyCalls provides more service for the dollar. Our reminder calls are billed in 10 second increments for actual usage, so you get lots of calls at very little expense. And, there is no minimum monthly purchase requirement for reminder calls.
How does billing work? When will my credit card be charged?
When you sign up for reminder calls under any My Minutes plan, you will be billed immediately. The minutes you purchase are yours to use, forever, with no additional purchase or monthly minimum purchase required. You will only be billed when your minutes have been used and you have additional calls scheduled for delivery. Visit the My Minutes Pricing page for complete pricing and billing details.
Does MyCalls offer corporate accounts?
Yes, MyCalls provides remidner calls for companies as well as individuals. Our services are typically provided on a pre-paid basis. In some cases, we will establish corporate accounts and bill for services rendered, for clients with total monthly purchases of at least $500. Corporate accounts must have a valid Dunn & Bradstreet reference that lists their company in good standing.
Can I receive reminder calls on different phone numbers?
Yes. You can receive reminder wake up calls at any phone number in the countries served by MyCalls. You will be asked to provide the delivery phone number for each reminder that you schedule.
Can I access my account using a telephone?
Yes. You can access your account using a touchtone phone. The number to dial will be on the Contact Us page. You can set, turn off, or modify any future wake up time. The number to dial in order to access your account is toll free for dialing conveneince. However, excessive use of telephone access may result in per-minute usage fees billed at 5 cents per minute. You cannot establish an account via the telephone access number. To establish a new account, use our online sign up page or call the Customer Service number listed on the Contact Us page.
What are My Minutes?
My Minutes are pre-purchased minutes that are used for Reminder, Group or Care Calls. As a wake up subscriber, you do not have to purchase My Minutes. If you wish to use any of our other calling services, you will need to purchase the My Minutes plan that is best for you. It is important to note that with My Minutes plans, you are not required to make a monthly purchase as you are with other companies. Your minutes are available until used, and no additional purchase is required until you deplete your available minutes.
Are There Any Rewards For Referring Others To MyCalls?
Yes. If you tell a friend about MyCalls, ask them to tells us that you referred them. During the sign up process, we ask 'How Did You Hear About MyCalls'. If the subscriber indicates that he or she heard about MyCalls from a friend, we ask them to help us identify the customer that referred them. You will earn free My Minutes or free Wake Up Calls for each referral that signs up and pays for services.
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